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We’ll Introduce
Korean Warmth Through the World.

  • Corporate Philosophy

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      We are stepping forward in an attempt to love customers and employees, to create better product, and in a thought that the development of company equals the development of the country. Since we love customers and employees, we are making the products in the spirit of craftsmanship and are researching to make more convenient products than before with our technology and passion in order to create the better product. In addition, this way exporting our products thinking of our national development is the way others will not walk along. We will walk and walk along the way which we will not let our way compromise the price, persist with better quality materials in order to make everlasting product, and we will compete with the world for the development of corporate and country. Even though the way not taken by others makes it difficult to walk along, we will walk along the upright and endearing way of reason.

  • Company Motto

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    Affection : All works are for human beings. It represents that loving human beings with compassionate heart is the root of the work and the best goal.
    Creation : The fulfillment of the affection cannot be made by ideal alone, but pragmatic approach. The corporate needs to fulfill the grace spirit through consistent creation.
    Development : It represents the development which is an ultimate goal of the corporate activities will fulfill the grace spirit, its root idea.

  • Field of Business

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      We are executing the work with the best quality and service as a leader in the industry by means of award of domestic project through Public Procurement Service, brand marketing through trade fair and securing a supply via nationwide agent network.
    Application Area Government office, Military camp, School, Welfare facilities, Hotel, Motel, Villa, Accomodations, Gymnasium, Playground, SPA, Swimming pool, Car wash, Parking place, Slope way, Road freezing section


      Obtaining overseas clients by way of foreign trade show and trade mission more than 10 times each year. We have been consistently exporting to very fastidious Russia, C.I.S Region and Japan. And we concluded exclusive distributorship in Japan, have exported to Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, etc and were demonstrated the excellence our products by overseas customers.