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Construction Performance

Gyeongnam Nursing School
Athletes' village of 2015 Mungyeong Military World Games
부산 자동차고등학교 기숙사
Dormitory of Busan Automotive High School
양평 산림교육센터
New construciton of residential building of Yangpyeong Forest Education Center (Shiza Park)
제천 올림픽스포츠센터
Construction of Jecheon Olympic Sports Center (88 Swimming Pool)
Aerospace Theme Park
관악구 중앙동 복합청사
Public Complex of Joongang-dong, Gwanak-ku
Jinju Prosecutors Office
Community Welfare Town,Hoengseong-kun
New construction of Ipam kindergarten Development Project of Nakdong River culture belt Sangwol health clinics
New construction of Life Safety Experience Superintendent of Seongdong-gu Office Simhyang infant nursery home New construction of classrooms in Damok Elementary School
New construction of Mungyeong health center New construction of Wondeok National Federation of Fisheries Corperatives Dongdaegu Community Security Center founded
Yanggu Gunryang health clinic expanded New construction of senior citizen (community) center in Aron-ri, Seoseok-myeon, Hongcheon-gun Building and renovation projects of funeral hall in Hongcheon-gun
Heating construction of Songjeong Guest House Remodeling construction of Agricultural Technology Center in Yeongyang-gun Daegu Gymnasium renovations
New construction of Wonju City Central Library New construction of Miryang Kindergarten New construction of Bochon senior citizen (community) center in Heungeop-myeon, Wonju City
Expansion of Yanggu education library Replacement of the floor in Cheongdo Elementary School Safety Center of Samcheok Fire Station
Replacement of the floor in Wisung Elementary School, Hamyang Athletes' village of 2015 Mungyeong Military World Games Remodelling of rural returners' houses in Hamyang
Care Classroom of Gajo Elementary School in Geochang Dormitory of Chungju Technical High School Dormitory of Kyungpook National University
Gammul Elementary School, Zhangyun Elementary School, Modo High School Construction of Mungyeong General Child Care Support Center New construction of Mungyeong Hogye Security Center
Jecheon Cheongjeon Patrol Division Construction of affiliated kindergarten of Wonju Campus, Gangneung-Wonju National University Construction of Gamcheon-myeon office, Buhangmyeon office Gimcheon city
Andong Yeongmyung School Construction of Ongdong Health Clinic in Jeongeup city Deokcheon Sanghak Health Clinic in Jeongeup city
Gangnam Children's Library in Andong city Anyang indoor swimming pool driveway snow melting Andong Kyungan care center
Main building of Yangsan Elementary School Dormitory of Yongun High School New construction of Jecheon Bakdaljae Natural Recreation Forest management office
Renovation of Gangwon Provincial Police Agency outside building New construction of Pohang Yunil 119 Safety Center New construciton of residential building of Yangpyeong Forest Education Center (Shiza Park)
New construction of Wonju Dangu Kindergarten Construction of Jecheon Olympic Sports Center (88 Swimming Pool) New construction of Jungmisan National Natural Recreation Forest Tree House
New construction of Daegu Dasa Police Station Cheorwon Wasu Elementary School Dormitory of Shinban Information High School in Uiryeong-gun
Manjongri Village Hall in Wonju city New construction of Chuncheon Fire Station 119 Safety Center Expansion of Cheongpung 119 District in Jecheon city
New construction of Chuncheon Municipal Geunhwa Nursery Home Expansion of dormitory and lecture room in Gangwon Education Training Center New construction of Gangneung Songjeong Kindergarten
Hapcheon Bongsan Regional General Maintenance Business Learning center of Hamchang High School School house of Yecheon Eunpung Middle School
Geochang Chang-dong Elementary School New construction of Asan Traditional Etiquette Cultural Center New construction of Pado Kindergarten in Donghae city
Gangwon Student Career Education Institution Geochang Arim Elementary School New construction of Hwangji Kindergarten in Taebaek city
Expansion of special classroom of Seoun Elementary School in Anseong city Gyeongnam Nursing School Hamyang-gun Bongsan Healing Forest Healing Centers
Dormitory of Busan Automotive High School Expansion of special classroom and dormitory in Namhae Sangju Middle School Kindergarten attached to Gongdeok Elementary School in Seoul city
Kindergarten attached to Geumhwa Elementary School in Seoul city Dormitory of Hanil Girls' High School in Gimcheon city Chuncheon city Natural Learning Center in Gangwon Province
3rd Army Command, Yongin Jeju Defense Command Buncheon Blvd., Gwangju, Gyunggi-do
Jinju Prosecutors Office Eumsung Prosecutors Office New Construction of Sadong Police Station, Ulleung-do
Renovation Construction of East Fire Station Nursery (Coast Guard) Tongyoung Coast Guard
Training Center of Police Investigation, Asan Youngduck 119 Aerospace Theme Park
Samchuk Marine Discipline Center New Construction of Chuksan Police Station Climate Change Monitoring Center
Climate Change Monitoring Center Public Residential Facility of New Village, Dobong-ku Public Complex of Joongang-dong, Gwanak-ku
Welfare-Culture Center of Gujwa-eup, Jeju Traditional Culture-Courtesy Center of Songak-myun, Asan Pyuneun Village Office, Youngju-si
Yuga Village Office, Daegu Nakdonggang Students Education Center, Changwon-si Community Welfare Center of Hongchun-kun
Donghae Fisheries Products Processing & Marketing Center Yunbong Library of Hongchun Waste Treatment Facility Building, Samchuk
Community Welfare Town, Hoengseong-kun    

Social Welfare Facilities

원주 국민건강보험공단
Wonju National Health Insurance Corporation
아산시 노인복지센터
Asan Senior Welfare Center
경기 광주시 육아지원센터
경기 광주시 육아지원센터
WonJu National
Welfare Center
가리왕산 자연휴양림
Mt. Kariwang
forest lodge
울진 노인요양원
Uljin Nursing Home
이계순 어린이집
Lee Gae-Soon House of Children
Seogwang-ri Village Welfare Center Namdaegu Cultural Center Gangwon Child Welfare Center
Gongbok-ri Welfare Facility Dalryeong Cultural Center Namdaegu Cultural Center
Bugokdong Neighborhood Living Facility Heerisan Natural Recreation Forest Gwangju Juvenile Reformatory
Gyeonggi Gwangju Child Care Support Center Geumsan Senior Citizen (community) Center Seodongtan Neighborhood Living Facility
Wonju National Health Insurance Corporation Daegwanryung Food Culture Experience Center Ohdusan Unification Observatory
Jungbandong Nursing Home in Gyeongsan city Myeongdongri senior citizen (community) center Yeoju Geumdan-ri Multi-purpose Hall
Hwaseong Hwasandong Welfare Center Korea SGI Hope Culture Center Chuncheon Juvenile Reformatory
Uijeongbu Prison Jongbokwon Technology Institure, Wildlife Medical Center Yonghori Senior Center
Korea SGI Ulsan Shinjung Cultural Center Gimcheon Cultural Center Boryeong Sinheukdong Welfare Center
Korea SGI Chungju Culture Center Nam-myeon Chogok-ri Elderly Welfare Facility in Gimcheon city Yeoju Care Facility for fecundity severe disabilities
Public housing-attached Senior Citizen Center Asan Senior Welfare Center Gimje Byeokgolje Regional Community Center
Daegu Cathedral - Chilgok Sungga Nursing Home Small Society of Jesus - Gapyung Silver Nursing Home Francisco Jinju Nursing Home
Son of Maria Monti Nursing Home (Chulwon) Suwon St. Luke Nursing Home Yooseung Foundation - Nursing Home
Chilgok Nursing Home Danyang Nursing Home Ochang Nursing Home
Gumi Hyowon Nursing Home Moogunghwa Nursing Home Busan Gijang-kun Nursing Home
Gochang-si Nursing Home Pyungan Nursing Home II, Jeju Osuksan Nursing Home, Buyeo
House of Sion, Gunsan (Nursing Home) Pyungan Nursing Home, Jeju Uljin Nursing Home
Yonggae-ri Nursing Home Mansuchon Nursing Home Sungrim Nursing Home, Gimcheon
Palgongsan Ana Nursing Home Palgongsan Sungga Nursing Home Yungwang Welfare Foundation Nursing Home
Lee Gae-Soon House of Children Pyungdong House of Children, Jeju Nuclear Power House of Children
Hana House of Children, Andong Bonghwa House of Children Waegwan House of Children
Chungjeon-dong House of Children Youngheung House of Children National Public House of Children
Public Hongcheon House of Children Residence Hall, Gangwon Univ., Chuncheon Workers Welfare Hall of Taebaek City Hall
Welfare Center of Wonju City Jaynag Social Welfare Facility Bonghwa Silver Welfare Center
Social Welfare Corporation of Sungbo Heating Public Corp. Welfare Facility Renovation for the Disabled Welfare Facility of Youngbo Covent of Jeonju Cathedral
Hyonwon Silver Welfare Facility Welfare Center for Victims of Nuclear Bomb
Ilgwang Welfare Center, Gijang
Sambo Welfare Center Gapyung Social Welfare Center, Gyunggi-do Youngbo House of Blessing, Jeonju
Jinwoo Welfare Foundation House of Lafael - Suwon Cathedral House of Annet, Andong
Jeju Funeral House (Jeju) Small Society of Jesus Silver Town Sungrimwon, Daegu
St. Clara, Ganghwa Segwang Welfare Facility, Yongin Pohang Nawooriter
Hyungjaesa(Kindergarten) Surim Sauna, Sacheon House of Dabita, Ansung
Sunrising Maeul, Wongok House of Anaea, Wonju Chunghaesusan, Baran, Gyunggi-do
Jeonchon Beach Management Service Center Daepo-dong Vicinity Facility Jungai-won
Inae-won, Irae Maeul Junghai-won, Changwon Small Hyungjae-Hoi
Catholic Culture Center, Kimpo Chunghak Agricultural Center Songsan Rest Area
Elderly Care Center, Bangdon 2-ri, Girin-myun Sanitation Workers Room of Gapyung Community Office Road Maintenance workers Room Renovation
Health Improvement Center of Dalsung New Construction of Community Facility Renovation of Community Facility
Kindergarten Facility Youngju City Silver Town Renovation Chunggi Grandmothers Elderly Care Center Construction
New Construction of Work Place of the Disabled, Samcheok Maeulai Hope Community Center
Elderly Care Center, Seobu-ri, Yunpyung-myun
Yongdae-ri Elderly Care Center, Buk-myung, Injae-kun Mt. Doota Rest Center of Forest Community Center of Songdo 2-dong
Sangdang Sansung Recreational Forest of Korea Forest Service Recreational Forest Office of Mt. Hwangjeon Large Forest Experience Facility of Sangchung-kun


삼척 대명리조트
Samcheok Daemyung Resort
Chungpodae Pension
평창 세인트하이얀호텔
Saint Hiyan Hotel
여수 나르샤 관광호텔
Yeosu Narsha Tourist Hotel
Jeju Goseongri Multi-Family Housing Beautiful Motel Samcheok Daemyung Resort
Yeha-Naeheungri Pension Chungju Studio (One-room) Namdaegu Cultural Center
Donghae Obundong House Jeju Hoecheondong Multi-Family Housing Cheonan Songjeong House
Yangyang Pension House in Gangwon Province Busangri Accommodations Gamsan Studio
Dormitory of Volvo Factory Amorae Motel Jungang Officetel sample house
Gongbokri Welfare Facility Yongin Rivervil Jecheon Pension
Munsudong Motel Dormitory of Seonnam Industrial Complex in Gyeongsangbuk-do Donghae Bugokdong Neighborhood Living Facility
Jinju Pension Seodongtan Neighborhood Living Facility Duryu-dong studio
Damyang Nora Pensiontel Jeondaeri Hotel in Cheoin-gu, Yongin city Changwon house
Gumi Daeyeong Industry Dormitory Daehan Platech Dormitory Gongju Donghaksa Hakbongri Mu-intel
Hongcheon Daegokri Accommodations Cheongju Songam House Jinju Multi-Family Home
Chuam Pensions Eulwangri marine training center Yanggu Pension
Boryeong National Emergency Management(NEMA) Accommodations Jindo Motel Pohang Phil Motel
Changwon Officetel Buan Driving Muintel Goesan Hanok Village
Daegu Rivera Motel Daesanri Accommodations Yongin Yangji Rural House
Jeju 2-Days and 1-Night Pension Jeju Hyeopje House Buyeo Oesin-myeon Welfare Center
Kongseal Pension Dongwol Village Pension Hampyeong Jagwang Welfare Center for Mothers and Children
Pyungsa-ri Accomodation One-room studio, Dong-A Univ. New Jeju One-room studio
Songhyun One-room studio ABC, Andong Munkyung One-room studio Yongin One-room studio
Daegu One-room studio Suanbo Leisure Complex Chungsol Vilapart, Hwanggeum-dong, Daegu
Sungwon Apartment, Suji Villa, Bisan-dong, Daegu Officetel, Sangsu-dong, Mapo-ku
OTSeas Officetel, Choeup-dong, Busan Naenjung Hot Spring Officetel Insol Jasukso of Military Experience Training Camp
Official Residence of Korea Forest Service Danyang Motel Sangsoo Motel, Chorae-dong, Suncheon
Lime Motel W Motel, Haewoon-ku, Busan Seomyun Motel, Busan
Miryang Motel, Gyungnam Chungpodae Pension Poem written by Sea(Pension)
Pyungchang Pension Boryung Pension Cheongpyung Pension
Gonam Pension, Anmyun Seungun-ri Pension, Seosan Taean Pension
Sangkwan Pension Pyunbaek Forest Pension Hajung-ri Pension
Accomodation in Changwon Accomodation in Wonpyung-dong, Gumi Accomodation in Palyong-dong, Changwon
Dasan Villa, Daegu Bojung-dong Villa, Yongin Ganghwa-do Villa
Hyundai Supervil, Seocho-dong Towon Housing Inc., Jinhae Gaegeum(Hwang) 10 Community Houses
Lake Dongchung Hostel, Bank of Daejeon Samsung Royal Felix APT, Bundang Dongyang Paragon APT
Unmanned Motel, Ssangam-dong Clean Valley, Mooan Dugam-dong Unmanned Motel, Suncheon, Jeonnam
Myungsung Town, Asan, Chungnam Sangnam-dong Inn, Changwon Haimyun Inn, Gosung-kun, Gyungnam
Chungkwansa, Korea Meterological, Mt. Gwanak Official Residence for Teachers of Dongsong-region  

medical facilities

수원교구 초지동 성당
Chojidong Cathedral of Suwon Diocese
속초 중앙교회
Sokcho Central Church
Catholic Culture Center, Kimpo
Seoul Cathedral - Chunhodong Church
Suwon Cathedral - Hahn Church
사천 백천사
Temple Sachun
Suwon Diocese Euni Shrines Kamadolly convent (nunnery) Chojidong Cathedral of Suwon Diocese
House of St. Joseph Sokcho Central Church Sungkwang Church
Songol Holy Land of Suwon diocese Youngcheon Buddhist Sanctum Gounsa (temple)
Hoengseong Songtak Temple Majae Holy Land of Suwon Diocese Suseo Church
Donghaksa (temple) Anyang Yeollin (Open) Church Sangwonsa Buddhist Sanctum
Ganghwa branch of Mirinae Cathedral Gongju Stork Rock Convent Seokjongsa (temple) Seollamwon
Yongbongdong Cathedral of Gwangjudae Diocese Geoje Church Gongju Stork Rock Convent of Daejeon Diocese
Gongju Stork Rock Holly Land of Daejeon Diocese Sorokdo (Island) Cathedral of Gwangjudae Diocese Suwon Cathedral - Convent of Bongdangeup, Hwasung
Seoul Cathedral - Daechidong Church Suwon Cathedral - Sungnamdong Church Suwon Cathedral - Gwangnamdong Church
Suwon Cathedral - Gumidong Church Suwon Cathedral - Yongin Boradong Church Seoul Cathedral - Yeonhidong Church
Seoul Cathedral - Shinjungdong Church Suwon Cathedral - Jinsari Sacred Church Temple Gamro
Seoul Cathedral - Chunhodong Church Incheon Cathedral - Gajungdong Church Temple Sachun
Suwon Cathedral - Pungsang Church Seoul Cathedral - Emundong Church Beobjeong Temple, Gangneung
Suwon Cathedral - St. Anna Church Church kindergarten of Gumidong, Sungnam Temple Mangwol
Seoul Cathedral - Emundong Church Suchundong Church Temple Haewoon, Seogwipo, Jeju
Suwon Cathedral - Bulmal Church Janggidong Church Temple Gwangju Hyungjae
Jeonju Cathedral - Jeondong Church Memorial Museum Suwon Cathedral - Hahn Church Temple Wongak
Suwon Cathedral - Miyang Church Suwon Cathedral - Yangpyung Church Munmak Bethel Church
Suwon Cathedral - Sanghyundong Church Suwon Cathedral - Bonodong Church Jeil Church, Jaechun
Suwon Cathedral - Village of Nazareth Ojeondong Church
Suwon Cathedral - St. Paul Church
Gyungnam Nohoiyuji Foundation(Aegwang Church)
Suwon Cathedral - Aemakgol Church of Catholic Univ. Eujungbu Cathedral - Goeupdong Church Onyu Church, Ulsan
Seoul Cathedral - Gahoidong Church Masan Catehdral - Buamdong Garmel Church Daemyung Church
Suwon Cathedral - Daeyamidong Church Suwon Cathedral - Sangokdong Church Shilmanan Church
Suwon Cathedral - Namhansansung Sacred Church Incheon Cathedral - Chungsu Church Love House of Francisco Covent
Suwon Cathedral - Jinsari Ssacred Church Seoul Archdiocese - Chang-4dong Church Jeju Cathedral - Clara Covent
Kunjong Cathedral 3rd Army Command Church Seoul Cathedral - Oksudong Church

medical facilities

Tongyeong Elderly Hospital
St. Luke Hospital
Andong Hospital
Chuncheon Sinsawoodong Oriental Medicine Clinic Tongyeong Elderly Hospital Anyang Sam Oriental Hospital
Choeun Guemgang Hospital Gokseong Natural Treatment Center Sugasung Nursing Home
Sesung Hospital Pacheon-myun Community Health Center, Andong Gatbawi Dementia Center
St. Paul Hospital - Seoul Cathedral Yuga-myun Community Health Center Chilbo Bangok Community Health Center
St. Luke Hospital Byunggok-myun Community Health Center Yongdong Community Health Center
Andong Hospital Seoha-myun Community Health Center Hyucheon-myun Community Health Center
Gyeongju Silver Welare Hospital Wonryu Community Health Center Sosung High School - Community Health Center
St. Paul Hospital Namhu-myun Community Health Center Waryong-myun Community Health Center
eJoeun Hospital Jangpyung-ri Community Health Center Yungok Community Health Center, Bukhoo-myun
Guchang Red Cross Hospital Yupo-ri Community Health Center Eodam Community Health Center
Yuri Hospital, Bonghwa Gagok Community Health Center,Pungwon-myun, Andong Jungwoo Community Health Center
Andong Maternity Clinic    

educational facilities

가천대학교 기숙사
Gacheon University Dormitory
경동대 양주 캠퍼스 행복기숙사
Happy Dorm of Yangju Campus, Gyeongdong College
강원대학교 기숙사
Gangwon Univ. Dormitory
Masan Univ. Dormitory
Soup Kitchen of Samcheok High School Happy Dorm of Yangju Campus, Gyeongdong College Happy Dorm of Munmak Campus, Gyeongdong College
Gwacheon Jungang High School Donghae Middle School Nogok Middle School
Gangneung Polytechnic University Donghae Mirae School Chungryeol High School
Dorm for foreign students in Jeonju University Yeosu Dowon Elementary School Bongmu Kindergarten
Seokjeon Elementary School Naju Buk Elementary School Hanseo University dormitory
School Cafeteria of Jinsung Girls' High School JSinwol Middle School New construction of School Cafeteria and Auditorium in Gangneung Girls' High School
School Cafeteria of Museon Elementary School Pohang Yeongheung Elementary School Hwacheon Nonmi Elementary School Branch
Gumi Electronic High School Wando Fisheries High School Dormitory Cheongnam Kindergarten
Sangji Kidergarten of Andong Sangji University Gacheon University Dormitory KAIST Semiconductor Building
Donghae Mirae School Imjanam Elementary School Haenam Middle School
Bogil Elementary School Stars of Sea - Youth Training Institute Yeogang High School, Yoeju
Teresa Kindergarten Jipyungsun Jr. High School Choongju Energy High School
Dongrae Elementry School Jinchun Jr. High School - Athletes Rest Room Sukyung Univ.
Bonsung Kindergarten Epyung Jr. High School Andong Univ.
Honggwang Kindergarten Chungwoon Jr. High School Gumi Univ.
Youngju Office of Education- Kindergarten Euirim Women's Jr. High School Dongyang Mirae Univ.- Bldg.3
Samchuk Kindergarten Gangwon Athletic Jr. High and High School Hanseo Univ., Taean, Chungnam
Church Kindergarten, Gumi-dong, Seongnam Hyungcheon High School Hapdong Theological College Dormitory
Yonsu-ri Kindergarten, Junggwan-myun Arim High School Cafeteria Gijeon Univ. Dormitory
Sawol-dong Kindergarten Geumwang High School, Daeso Gangwon Univ. Dormitory
Bong-dong Kindergarten Taebaek Mechanical & Technical High School Masan Univ. Dormitory
Leaders Kindergarten Jeongsun Informational & Technical High School Sungshin Women's Univ. - Nanhyangwon
Dongrae Elementry School Youngwol Mechanical & Technical High School Investigation Training Center of Asan Police
Youngju Centural Elementry School Chuncheon Mechanical & Technical High School Chowol Library
Samraesio Elementry School Choongju Mechanical & Technical High School - Athletes Rest Room Hanseo Univ., Taean, Chungnam
Sunggwan Elementry School Jinchun Commercial & Technical High School Far East Univ. Dormitory
Youngil Elementry School, Youngju Youngsin High School, Bongmu-dong, Daegu Suwon Cathedral - Chunghak Museum
Annui Elementry School, Hamyang Chogae High School Dormitory Yeoju Art Therapy Center
Seorim Elementry School    


한국타이어 R&D센터
Hankook Tire R&D Center
Songsan Expressway Rest Stop
부안 자연 생태공원
Construction site, Buan Nature Eco-Park
Hankook Tire R&D Center Pungse Oatmeal Plant Pohang Guryongpo Fishing Park
Gangneung Observatory Lounge (for men and women) Dongwon Construction ESOL Tech
Jeju Seongsan Guesthouse Renovation of Namdaemun Underground Shopping Center Yangpyeong Seojong-myeon Gallery
Wonju Sauna Paju Villain Ivan Nonsan Beolgok Farm
Gyeonggi-Gwangju Best Screen Snow Melting New construction of Aiins Plant Jeju Moguri Campsites
New construction of Jincheon Plant Haitai factory in Cheonan city Seongeunri Plant
Third building of Huayang Industry Jincheon Sansu Plant Rojas Seafood Hub
Office building of Deokpyeong logistics center Tongyeong Dongwon Golf Clubhouse Jangwon Metal
New construction of Hwagung Industry Construction site, Buan Nature Eco-Park Yukwang Construction office
Haman Fertilizer Plant Rural Village Development Project of Mt. Gongjak Nochi-ri Ecovillage
Yibanmyun Bathhouse Koban Co., Ltd, Ganghwa-kun Wolhak 1-ri Shinchon Ecovillage
Farmers Training Center, Chungcheongnam-do Construction Div. of Suwon Parish Jikjun-ri Sanchon Ecovillage
Agricultural equipment rental office storage Hwasung Steelhouse Buchun-ri Sanchon Ecovillage
Residential Building 84 households, Gojan-dong, Ansan Duksan Co., Ltd. - Dormitory Damyang Woonsan-ri Sanchon Ecovillage
Mulchi site, Sokcho YESENG, Yang-ku Buchoon-ri Sanchon Ecovillage Project
Dormitory of Hankuk Fiber, Hamyang Samsung Electronics II, Bundang Bukmyun Nochiri Sanchon Ecovillage
Daepyung Duraewon's Attached Facility (Herbs sales shop) Hanwoo Plaza, Namsan Branch of Woolsan Livestock Cooperative Federation Nature Ecology Park, Youngyang-kun, Gyungsangbuk-do
Songsan Expressway Rest Stop Jarak-gil, Mt. Sobaek  


Export to Japan
Export to Russia Export to China Export to Iran
Export to Ukraine Export to Kazakhstan Export to Mexico
Export to Japan Export to Czeck Export to Kyrgyzstan
Export to Uzbekistan