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Nice to meet you!
My name is Lim Han Bok , CEO of Sammyung Tech Co, Ltd

 We are now living repidly changing society. If we live in accommodation with endlessly required change and diversity, we are apt to lose our human quality. Our company founded on the basis of considering the enterprise that human dignity is placed in the center of all values and the basic spirit of ,
AFFECTION・CREATION・DEVELOPMENT, pursues the goal which achieves the enterprise required for the development of global human society.

 We will always go with you as an enterprise which can spread and create the human compassion and love through better quality product and services by the continued research and development. Now, the whole world is one big neighborhood. We will take the lead in fulfilling our responsibility for the customers by sincerity and efforts.
Thank you.

CEO Lim Han Bok

ceo 임한복