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  • • What is procedure for A/ S?

    Please see following procedure for A/S.

    For A/S of Sammyung Tech’s Eco Electric Ondol, please call (82-31.768.4121 82-31.768.4121) or write your questions on our homepage A/S enquiry board. Our Q/C team will find the specific problems and troubleshooting as quickly as possible.

  • • Can be the system installed in common house as well?

    Common house can use the electricity for house.

    Housing electricity is subject to progressive tax if most of installation of floor heating system in Korea because of progressive tax system which is only executed in Korea. Eco-Electric Ondol has the good product of 450w and 600w per pyong (Korea area unit), but the installation of the system cannot be recommended.

  • • Does the system emit electromagnetic waves a lot?

    You had better turn off TV.

    Worry about the electromagnetic waves from general household appliances is understood to be originated because ordinary persons felt a vague sensation of fear by the consecutive press release in domestic masscom of the assertion that the exposure evaluation reference value of magnetic field shall be 3mG in a work study contributed to a magazine abroad and of the mention that measures for electromagnetic waves was urgently needed introducing the electromagnetic waves-related work of a professor from a university. The articles at that time address the contents that electromagnetic waves were harmful and we had to keep way from TV. Of them, one article recommended that we should not use electric appliance like electric blanket, thus more people were inclined to know that the electric blanket was recognized as main instigator to generate electromagnetic waves and electric Ondol with similar features to it was also the object of the fear of electromagnetic waves

    For those reasons, the assertion that electric Ondol is not harmful at the moment many people already believe in the harmfulness of electromagnetic waves will be not accepted easily even though the contents are scientific and persuasive, so we would like to declare this electric Ondol is safer appliances compared to other ones in respect of electromagnetic waves by presenting the value which we measured in person. To test the product, we used the same portable electromagnetic wave meter (Holiday Industries Inc, U.S.A., 1992) as reporter showed in the screen on TV, and we complied with measurement distance and method used in various press release materials so far as possible. Some people may not trust the fairness and absoluteness regarding this measured values, but we believe that these measured values are adequate in comparing the degree of generation of electromagnetic waves from electric Ondol with other appliances because they are values measured by the same person using the same instrument.

    Comparison of Electromagnetic Waves
    Appliances Magnetic field intensity (mG) Remarks
    Electric Ondol .0.68 Measured on floor surface
    TV 19 From distance of 30cm
    Stand 5 From distance of 30cm
    Hair dryer 50 Measured near heater
    Computer 19.9 From distance of 30cm
    Telephone 1.3 From distance of 30cm
    Source: KEPCO archive, 1999