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When the rainfall and snowfall signals of the sensor detect certain levels of moisture, air temperature and geothermal temperature that have been set, the main controller sends out signals to supply the electric power to the heating pipes for certain amount of time for one time activation. Consequently, it automatically keeps turn on and off according to the signals of the sensor for snow removing.

Snow-Melting System Installation Sites

Buncheon Blvd, Gwangju IC, Gyunggi Province
Regular Freezing Sections
Parking Lot of Toyota Agency, Japan

| For general electricity

For general electricity
Thermostat Product Specifications
일반형 Regular type
-Load capability:4KW
- Number of circuit: Single individual
-Installation type : Exposed(built-in)
-Size : (70W)
- Display Type : High luminance blue type LCD , Touch mode
통신형 Communication type

-Load capability:4KW
- Number of circuit: Single individual
- Installation type : Exposed(built-in)
- Size: (70W)
- Display Type : High luminance blue type LCD , Touch mode

통신형 Communication type
- Digital Type
- Temperature range : -20℃ ~114℃ (Temperature range variable)
- Input power : AC 85V ~ AC 265V (SMPS type)
- Allowed current : 1 heating * 25A
- Load capability : 6Kw
- Installation type : Buried
-Size : 115(W) X 115(H) X 48(D)
- Display Type : High luminance blue type LCD , Touch mode
- Processor Type : Sensor type(NTC 5KΩ) / Timer setting configurable
- Option #1 : Effect sound ,Alarm sound
- Option #2 : Error message(Temperature range variable), Output shut off
- Option #3 : Temperature overshoot sensor (In the event of overshoot, error message for output shutoff is displayed)
128회로 128circuits
-Communication range: 1circuit ~ 128circuits bi-directional communication
- Input power : AC 85V ~ AC 265V (SMPS type)
- Communication type : 485 communications
- Intended Use : Remote control of all circuits
(Circuits are displayed at 20 times in one page)
- Installation type : End table type ,Wall-mountable type, Wall-attachable type

- Size : 260(W) X 200(H) X 25(D)
USB 컨넥터 Centralized computer program
- Setting parameter of thermostat connected to PC system is variable
- Can monitor real time temperature and output condition by PC system
- Controllable by group
중앙집중식 컴퓨터 프로그램 Multi-circuit Controller
-Number of circuit: 3 circuits ~ 21 circuits set (Single phase, 3 phase)
- Allowed current: Each circuit *18A
- Load capability: 4KW
- Installation type : Buried type
- Size :     300(W) X 400(H) X 110(D)  for 7 circuits
580(W) X 400(H) X 110(D)  for 14circuits
580(W) X 400(H) X 110(D)  for 21circuits


| Heat Storage System

Heat Storage System
Thermostat Product Specifications
us-1000rs US-1000RS
new wink-2 NEW WINK-2
w-2 W-2
us-1000d US-1000D


| Snow-Melting System

For Road
Thermostat Product Specifications
메인컨트롤러 Main Controller
- Unmanned control by receiving the signal from sensor
- Humidity and temperature can be set according to the installed region.
-Easy and simple menus, System malfunction preventive function
-Easy to use and set
강우,강설센서 Rainfall & snowfall sensor
-In case of rainfall or snowfall, the sensor sends signal to main controller
온,습도 센서 Temperature & humidity sensor
-The sensor sends the signal of air temperature and humidity to main controller
지열센서 Geothermal sensor
-The sensor sends the temperature on the ground to main controller
Principle of operation

-When preset humidity, air temperature, geothermal temperature meets the conditions by receiving the signal from sensor and signal from rainfall or snowfall, main controller sends the signal to magnet and supply the power to heating pipe for preset certain length of period, therefore 1 cycle operates and the sensor repeats ON/OFF depending upon the signal and setting condition of sensor.