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Sammyung Tech
cares people and environment.
We should all ensure that we leave clean and pure environmental surroundings for the next generation. It is the best present that we may hand over to the coming generations. We should ensure that products we use are not harmful for the environment. It is our obligation to save resources not just for countries but also for ourselves as well..

Advantages of Ondol

-The latest global trend in Heating System is 'Ondol,' which is Korean traditional Floor heating..
-‘Ondol’ is underfloor heating which uses radiant heat transferred from the passageways for heat and smoke beneath the floors to directly convey the warmth to human bodies.
-The underfloor heating keeps it warm in the lower layers of air and relatively cool in the upper layers of air so that it makes people in the room feel much more comfortable and pleasant in comparison to the air circulation heating.
-Ondol does good to the respiratory organs and skins as it does not cause asthma and also prevents skin from being dried.
-It is more efficient in warming up the entire indoor as the warm air in the lower layers of air is lighter than the cold air enough to move up to the upper layer of air. 'Ondol' is therefore the most optimal heating system not just by making people feel comfortable and pleasant but also by being so effective in heating indoors.

| Eco Electric Ondol Features

Product Confidence

-Incorrodible thanks to the stainless steel pipes(STS 304) manufactured by POSCO.
-Safe from short-circuit, electric leakage or moisture penetration by the dual heat-resistant and waterproof flexible conduit.
-Eco-friendly with no smoke, smell and noise.
-Safe from explosion or gas leakage


-Once heated it lasts long heating.
-No boiler is required. No heat losses because heating, storing and radiating are all carried out in the heating area.
-It is efficient because the amount of heat storage and radiation can be controlled.
-Advantageous in keeping the heating system turn off and turn on.

Easy Construction

-Make-To-Order with various sizes is available. Easy to make installation in any type of construction sites due to its simple structure.

-No access hole required.

Easy Maintenance

- No danger of freezing and bursting due to Eco electric Ondol is Sheath Heater Type.
-No frequent breakdowns due to simple structure
-No danger of leakages or corrosions and no possible defect after construction.
-Semi-permanent with great durability.


-Cost savings up to 40% compared to oil or gas heating system.
-Heat storage system is cost savings when using night power (It is depends on countries)
-Maintenance cost is not much compared to oil or gas heating system.

Sammyung Tech is committed to the following 3 principles.

We dedicate
ourselves to
Eco Electric Ondol,
the masterpiece that
succeeds the wisdom
of our ancestors.

  • We follow the principle.
  • We prepare the future.
  • We study technologies.