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Electromagnetic Waves Test

Eco Electric Ondol of Sammyung Tech passed below average of electromagnetic waves.
-16th, March, 2010, Test by Incheon Small and Medium Business Administration
제품 전자파 시험성적서

-Graph of Annual Rate (Electricity / Gas / Oil)

연도별 전기/가스/등유 요금인상 그래프

Conparison Between Electromagnetic Waves of Eco Ondol and the other Home Appliances

Home appliances Magnetic intensity(mG) Remarks
ECO Ondol 0.68 Measuring on the Floor
TV 19 30cm
Desk Lamp 5 30cm
Hair drier 50 near heater
Refrigerator 0.9 30cm
Computer 19.9 30cm
Telephone switchboard 19 30cm
Telephone 13 30cm
Vacuum 10 30cm from motor
■ Reference: KEPC Magazine, 1999

First received a Excellent Rating (Blue) in 4 years consecutively regarding “Performance Evaluation of Contract Fulfillment” of Floor heating system industry by Korea Public Procurement Service.

난방업계 최초 조달청 계약 이행 실적평가난방용전열관 4년 연속 최우수(Blue)등급 획득

IP68 - The Industry's First approved company, the Best Rating(6,8)

The IP(International Protection) standards regulate the system capability that resists strain and load under the given operations and conditions. The degrees of protection are most commonly expressed as "IP"(DIN EN 60529) followed by two numbers where the numbers define the degree of protection. The first digit number (0~6) signifies rating of solid particle protection. Six is the best. The second digit number (0~8) signifies rating of water protection (Waterproof). Eight is the highest rating. The bigger the number is, the higher protection level is.
난방업계 최초 IP68 획득